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Original Ken Kelly Lyraka Art

Lyraka is a multi-media project in the making.

Lyraka is in the process of moving to

Donate toward Lyraka Volume 2 CD release here.

Concept visionary Jasmine Lyraka Aliara tells the allegorical tale of Neires, a headstrong metalhead, who uncovers an enchanted electric guitar and sets off on a journey to find himself.

Lyraka showcases a Wagnerian metal score written by landmark composer-guitarist Andy DiGelsomina. The CD set features the world-class talents of Graham Bonnet, Al Atkins, Mark Boals, Rob Diaz, Robert Lowe, Tommy Heart, Tiina Teal, Liz Vandall and Veronica Freeman. The CDs also showcase the production and instrumental skills of Andre Maquera, with additional vocal engineering by Jeff Pilson. The CD covers feature a line of Lyrakan fantasy art by reknown illustrator Ken Kelly. The graphic novel collaboration between Jasmine Aliara and horror artist Vince Locke is also in the works.

Lyraka Art by Vince Locke (Sandman, Cannibal Corpse, Deadworld)

Click on images to view their websites. Andy DiGelsomina (Composer and Lead Guitarist) Veronica Freeman (Benedictum) Andre & Mingo Maquera (West Street Digital) Al Atkins (Founder of Judas Priest) Liz Vandall (Uli Jon Roth, Sahara) Gary Spaulding (8084) Jasmine Lyraka (Concept Visionary) Thomas Carvey (Bass Saxophone) Rob Diaz (Vastator) Ken Kelly (Artist for Rainbow, Kiss and Manowar) Vince Locke (Cannibal Corpse, A History of Violence) Tiina Teal Tommy Heart (Uli Jon Roth, Fair Warning, Soul Doctor) Thomas Carvey (Bass Saxophone) Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group, Alcatrazz) Tommy Heart (Uli Jon Roth, Fair Warning, Soul Doctor) Jeff Pilson (Dio, Dokken, Foreigner) Vince Locke (Cannibal Corpse, A History of Violence) Kevin Talley (Six Feet Under, Misery Index, Dying Fetus, Suffocation) Robert Lowe Mark Boals Rampart

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Current Lyraka News


Last updated: 11/13/14


Kevin Talley (ex-Dying Fetus, current Suffocation) is recording extra blast beats.

Gary Spaulding about to record final drum tracks.

Backing vocals received from Liz Vandall for "Volcano".


Super musician Thomas Carvey tracks bass for Lyraka Volume 2!

Lyraka Volume 2 due in May 2015 at the outside, but we are hoping for a much earlier release.


Final decision made for Andy to co-mix, master, and produce Lyraka Volume 2.


We've received several more donations and are very grateful to have friends whom are also patrons.


Vocals back from Graham Bonnet for the "Fidei Defensor" Intro.


Andy begins exhaustive studies in music engineering and production.



Our greatest apologies for the endless delays, this has been a very bad year.


Pre-orders for the Sonata Sirena CD up on merchandise page!

All vocals back for Liz Vandall's Lilliput, get ready to hear a genre-defining performance!

Andy begins final editing on a duet he's written for Rob Diaz and Al Atkins!



Because of donations, we are now working on the release of Lyraka Volume 2.

Vocals back from Graham Bonnet for "Volcano" and "On Dragon's Wings"!


Graham Bonnet is on for another song for Lyraka Volume 2!

New song for Robert Lowe (ex-Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus), "Entombed By Choice"!


Veronica Freeman's vocal tracks are all back!

Liz Vandall and Mark Boals' vocals for movement 3 of "Father" back!

Graham Bonnet finishing his vocal tracks for "Volcano" and "Lyraka"!


New art from Vince Locke on index page!

Jasmine begins adapting the Lyraka story for her graphic novel with Vince!


Candlemass vocalist Robert Lowe confirmed for Volume 2!

Horror artist Vince Locke (Deadworld) to collaborate on Lyraka graphic novel!


Rob Diaz finishes operatic vocal work and backings for "Volcano"!


Andy will be once more judging the Ritchie Blackmore Protégé Shred Off contest!


Vocal tracks back from Judas Priest founder Al Atkins, and they're DEVASTATING!

Mark Boals starting work on "Fideis Defensor" and "Father"!

"Lilliput" backing tracks sent out to Liz Vandall (Uli Jon Roth, Sahara)!

Rob Diaz (Vastator) finishing up work on "Abyss"!


11X17 Lyraka posters available NOW! Order now by PayPal or credit card!

Backing tracks sent to Rob Diaz (Vastator) and Al Atkins (Judas Priest)!

"Lilliput" backing tracks being prepared for Liz Vandall (Sahara, Uli Jon Roth)!

Ken Kelly hard at work on Lyraka Volume 2 artwork!



Graham Bonnet talks about Lyraka on VH-1's "That Metal Show"!

Metal Messiah Radio interview with Andy up on the Interviews page!

Reviews section updated: Martin Popoff, Powerplay Magazine, and more!


"Salford City" interview from Rich Davenport's Rock Show also on the interviews page!

"Turn Up the Night" radio show with Graham Bonnet and Andy added!

Andy interviewed this month by Alyson of Metal Messiah Radio!

The mega-epic "Father" sent to vocal maestri Liz Vandall and Mark Boals!


Andy interviewed this month by Rich Davenport's Rock Show! 94.4 FM!

Graham Bonnet discusses Lyraka on VH-1's "That Metal Show!" Airs in October!

The song "Defender of the Faith" in production!

The song "Father" in production!


Jasmine added new Scatherus concept art to the Story section!

Neo-classical vocal giant Mark Boals signs on for Lyraka Volume 2! See Bios!

Andy's interview for Fireworks magazine is now available to read!

The backing for the song "Lyraka (On Dragon's Wings)" sent to Graham Bonnet!


Original Judas Priest singer Al Atkins joins the Lyraka Line-Up! See Bios page!

An interview with Andy will appear in the June 2011 issue of UK print magazine "Fireworks"!

Andy interviewed for Omar Reyna's! Link on the interviews page!

Graham Bonnet and Veronica Freeman are recording the duet "Volcano"!

Ace producer/musician Andre Maquera laying tracks for "Lyraka (On Dragon's Wings)"!


Andy and Jasmine interviewed live on internet radio, link on interviews page!

15% of each Lyraka CD sale goes to World Vision's Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund!


Andy is one of the judges for the "Ritchie Blackmore Shred Off" in March!

Interviews page update: "Lyraka Volume 2" song titles, commentaries and themes revealed!

Plenty of new content in the reviews section:

Justin Hulford, critic for U.K. print magazine, Powerplay, gives Lyraka 9/10 stars!

Übercritic Martin Popoff writes, "This is the next Led Zeppelin" on Hard Radio!

Lyraka Volume 1 receives an excellent review from Metal Rules magazine!

Peter Makowski gives Lyraka thumbs up in the February 2011 issue of Classic Rock Magazine!

The link to a review of the CD in Italy's Rock Hard Magazine is now posted!

Another positive review from Belgium's magazine, Rock Tribune, is available to read!

Joshua Wood, editor of Metal Rules, adds Lyraka to his list of the top albums of 2010!



New quote about Lyraka from Graham Bonnet on his Bios profile page!

The mighty Rob Diaz (Vastator) has been added to the vocal line-up of Lyraka Volume 2!

Daniele Purrone, editor-in-chief of Rock Hard Italy, lists Lyraka in the top ten best of 2010!

The January issue of Rock Hard Italy adds the Lyraka CD to their Dynamite list!

Lyraka featured on the international program Metal Express Radio!

Spain's City of Dreams is playing Lyraka's music on the radio!

Lyraka is receiving airplay in the Faroe Islands' Ragnar Rokk, and Japan's Rock or Die!

Lyraka featured on Megawatt Mayhem, one of the world's longest running Metal radio shows!

Content and new photo added to Veronica Freeman's Bio Page!

Free shipping worldwide on "Lyraka Volume 1" CD!

New Reviews page put up!

New Bios profile page for Rob Diaz!

New Bios profile page for Thom Carvey!


Graham Bonnet agrees to sing and collaborate on four songs for Lyraka Vol. 2!

The Lyraka CD has been released!

  New content added to the Interviews page!


Ken Kelly's first painting for Lyraka goes on the Splash Page. More art from Ken soon!


World Vision widget added: Please give Pakistani Flood Relief or sponsor a child!

Ken Kelly previews his artwork for us, and it's KILLER!

Hannah Beth Crary submits the violin track, and it's a fantastic, personal performance!

New image added to Andy's Bio!


All vocal tracks back from Tommy Heart for Neires!

Tommy uses heavy metal and Wagnerian opera vocal approaches, to amazing effect!

Vocals received from Veronica Freeman for Scatherus. She's a force of nature!

Both Veronica and Tommy's biographies have been updated!

It was a special honor to have worked with the amazing Jeff Pilson (Dio, Dokken)!

Final production begins in September!


Veronica Freeman, a much coveted voice in the metal scene, starts work for Lyraka!

Bass and saxophone tracks back from Thom Carvey, an outstanding and creative musician!


New mermaid art by Jasmine has been added to the Interviews page!

The first draft of the Lyraka screenplay has been completed!

Tommy Heart has begun laying tracks for Neires!

Graham's vocal tracks for Errandia have been completed!


Tommy Heart info was added to the Bios section!

Lyraka signs a deal with singer Tommy Heart (Uli Jon Roth, Soul Doctor, Fair Warning)!

Lyraka receives a sketch from Ken Kelly, who has started work on the album cover!


The upcoming song, Neires, is in production!


The upcoming thrashy operatic song, Scatherus, is in production!

A recent picture was added to Jasmine's bio!

Ken Kelly commissioned to start work on art to be featured on!

Jasmine created new Queen Lilliput concept artwork!

Andy's Bio page updated!

Andy finished the sketch of the upcoming song, Neires!

Jasmine created the Lyraka logo!

Andy finished the sketch for the upcoming song, Errandia!

Jasmine created artwork of Aria!

Jasmine finished a portrait of Stormy!

Jasmine created pop art depicting her impression of Graham Bonnet!

Andre began mixing Coronation!

Jasmine created a scroll for the new Lyrics page!

Andre Maquera began work for Palace Guard!

The Fan Art page received a new contribution!

Jasmine finished artwork for the Empress story page!

Beyond the Palace is finished and copyrighted!


Jasmine created concept art for Volcano Island!

Jasmine began the Lyraka narrative-style novel (a work in progress)!

Jasmine drew The Resonance Chamber!

Jasmine began writing the Lyraka screenplay!

Andy composed The Dais.

Jasmine set up!

Andy wrote Beyond the Palace!

Andy completed the sketch of Lilliput!

Andy wrote Coronation for Jasmine!

Jasmine drew Scatherus!



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